Monsters? They exist. They’re everywhere. You can’t go a day without falling into one of their machinations to better prey on humanity. Make no illusions to yourself, this world is run by them, and we’re just fodder for their in-fighting and feeding schedules. Cabals of powerful wizards controlling an entire city, vampires stalking through clubs and streets, werewolves slaughtering any who step on their ‘sacred’ ground, they’re all out there. And, really? They’re the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the hellish things we fight. Until now, they’ve been unchecked, rampaging over the nations of the world and forging whatever smoke and mirrors they need to achieve their own desires. Monsters? Yeah, they’re out there.

But so are we.

Welcome to the Task Force. Here at VALKYRIE, we prize secrecy, loyalty, and discipline. Above all, we are looking for answers to the serious questions that still linger, such as where they all come from, or what they truly want? But within my branch, you will find that there are more pressing questions. Such as, how do we kill these sons of bitches, and how do we make them stay gone? I understand that question. I used to ask that question, until I learned the answer. Do you know the answer?


- Tom Stone, Head of Operations: Branch Containment of Task Force VALKYRIE